Ultimate Sandy Bridge OC Guide + P67A-UD7 Performance Review

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Compare and select what is the best between NVIDIA GeForce 930M vs Intel HD Graphics (Sandy Bridge). Specifications, benchmark performance testing. I'm confused on how many flops per cycle per core can be done with Sandy-Bridge and Haswell. As I understand it with SSE it should be 4 flops per cycle per core for SSE and 8 flops per cycle per core for AVX/AVX2. This seems to be verified here, How do I achieve the theoretical maximum of 4 FLOPs per cycle?,and here, Sandy-Bridge CPU specification. However the link below seems to indicate that ... On sandy bridge, each core has 256KB of L2 (see the datasheet, section 1.1). for 6 cores, that's 1.5MB, but since each core only accesses its own, it's better to always look at it as 256KB per core.Moreover, the peak gflops looks completely wrong. AVX is 16 flops/cycle (as single floats). with 6 cores, that's ~307 gflops/s at 3.2GHz. Of course with Sandy Bridge you can set the upper limit on TDP and TDC and you won’t push that much amperage until critical point, plus Sandy Bridge can exceed TDP on its own. Many people are 100% against LLC and many are 100% for it, I sit on the fence as I find it useful, and haven’t killed a processor from it, but other things can occur and the life span of the processor will be reduced ... I'm confused on how many flops per cycle per core can be done with Sandy-Bridge and Haswell. As measured by AIXprt workload on pre-production 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-1065G7 processor vs. 73 GHz, and the Core i7-6800T is 3. 0GHz, Memory: 8GB DDR4-2400, Storage: Intel® 600p SSD, Intel® UHD Graphics 620, OS: Windows* 10, Battery Size: 40WHr, Screen: 25x14 12”, Windows* 10 Power Slider ...

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